It seems like only yesterday when I discussed with family exactly how best to celebrate the imminent 94th birthday of our most senior and cherished mother and grandma.  The various choices were lunch out, afternoon tea out, sweet stuff, toiletries.  The dear lady in question happily enjoyed the afternoon tea extravaganza and all the more so when the very youngest of the clan was included.  What a difference it made to what could potentially have been a dire and tedious affair!  We all got talking about the merits of this entertainment or that, and a fantastic discussion followed on the subject of childrens’ toys, this was totally enthralling.   Although the top 20 favourite toys seemed to flow thick and fast, it was the wide choice to pic from that completely turned it into a brilliant afternoon’s worth of knoweledge based advice to the novice toy buyer!

If you have never had children around you, you will never appreciate the joy and fun that a busy Christmas with a toddler can bring.   Having been used to my own company for 90 percent of my time, additional adult company is sometimes a rare treat.  So with 8 or 9 adults of varying degree of agedness and one tiny toddler, the possibilities for noisy chaos increased by the minute.  Knowing I had the important task of getting a really impressive but totally suitable present for the little princess, I got all my other handful of adult giving bought, wrapped and right out of the way as early as I ever manage.   I then had weeks to quietly discover what Princess had already got and liked or didn’t like and of course, safety considerations are now critical.  I browsed this dedicated giftware site and memories of fantastic childhood christmas joy came flooding back – such fantastic inspiration and choice aailable.