Better Gift Choices Lifts The Spirit

Well spring has almost sprung – not quite a case of ‘spring has sprung, the grass is rizzed . . .’   We have the usual intermittent freezing morning followed by bright sunlight, followed by rain showers.  Usually in the same day . . .  but on the whole the winter has mostly departed and we look forward to warmer days ahead.  Usually at this time of  year we have Easter and other celbratory festivals to look forward to.  With the confusion and worry that the viral pandemic has created, it’s not easy to plan ahead for any family gatherings so the easter festivals will have to wait.  However there are lots of companies still willing and able to supply gifts,   These dedicated souls are happily gathering their stocks of home gifts, personal and romantic to make gift buying simpler.  In a time of national uncertainty and worry, knowing we have good options for gift choices really does help lift the spirit and bring some cheer!