Checking Reviews & Being A Selective Purchaser

Hurrah – shops and busiesses are soon to reopen.  We have had local and national lockdowns with non essential shops having to close – that is open to interpretation of course, as is so much of life.  However we are now looking forward to the listing of lockdown 3 and the opening up of all the stores that still have staff, management and finance to pick up where they left off.  Gifts have been the one area I’ve really struggled with during the lockdowns.  I do like to be able to see and feel the items I plan to present.  However, this is not always possible in this day and age.  Many traders have now shut their stores and work only from online platforms.  Knowing which online businesses offer sensible prices and good service comes with practice and some disappointments along the way.  But when you do find exactly what you think you’re seeking, it is a good feeling and fills you with confidence that you’ve chosen well!