Easter Tidings – Eggs Or Gifts ??

I have a very cute and impossibly busy little great neice.  My word she can shift, and it seems unbelievable that she’s only just two years old.   Never one for hanging around, she decided to completely miss out the crawling stage and instead manages launch herself at an object by literally flying/shunting herself in that direction.  Now though, she has learnt to pull herself up the front of the sofa or big chairs.  She then turns around, triumphantly before attempting her return journey.  The level of concentration and effort for these exercises, together with a very healthy diet controlled rigorously by her mum means she is not going to be a stodgy school child in years to come.   I was rather expecting her sensible mum to opt for toys to help celebrate Easter – but she  has relented on this occasion and will allow a small egg to be received.  From each willing benefactor.