Gifting Anxiety A Thing Of The Past

We can all relate to the parents who sit head in hands at the rapid approach of the Christmas gift giving.  It has always been stressful to me anyway.  Before the advent of online gift stores, it was a case of traipsing down the high street  hoping for  inspriration to hit us en route.  Now, with online purchasing power, this particular anxiety has left me for good!  I have a handful of young relatives to buy for so I check regularly with their parents as to current fads, trends, growth spurts and subjects to avoid . . . .   who wants to be the an Unfairy Godmother?  My favourite sites have my  birthday lists stored and I can see at a glance what I bought each little darling for the last few years.  No repetitions.  If something’s been very well received, I make a note so as to repeat success with another child – success on a plate!