Hansel & Gretel Cottage In Nature Reserve

Gifts can come in the most surprising shapes and sizes.  We don’t always have a nice little box tied up with a bow these days.  I was out with some chums on one of our monthly walks – plodding around a nature trail. Then suddenly around the next set of bushes we came across a divine little cottage – I had no inkling we’d find this absolute gem.  If Hansel & Gretel had walked out, we wouldn’t have been any more surprised!   We were just staring up at the pretty carved gables and disgussing the tiny little windows when the owner came out to greet us.  Very fortunate we were there at the time – she was getting it ready for the next lot of holiday renters; a couple coming for two weeks to celebrate a wedding anniversary.  Well we didn’t take much persuading to accept the invite in to look around the cottage – the hostess was very quick to spot a chance of free advertising – we were a social group who report on our walks.   Ideal timing for us to publish details of this dear little gingerbread cottage with crooked beams and squeaky floorboards but with such a feeling of age and belonging!