Hobbies Needed For Difficult Child Sized Gifts

Now what on earth can you get by way of birthday gifts for a 12 year old grand daughter – the problem is looming in this household.   There are currently six grand children to cater for and the present buying gets more difficult every time.  I have christmas more or less nailed.   They all get new night wear, be they jazzy pjs or seriously sensible jersey nighties, there is always a theme to the group purchase.  Presents and gifts for young adults has always presented a nightmare for relatives.  The fear of any gift being rejected out of hand for being unwanted / old fashioned / uncool / etc. is dreadful.  Three of the six are active and take part in all kinds of sports – this is not too bad, there’s always a jokey sport based item to be found.  But the kiddies who don’t have hobbies of any kind leave me with nothing to aim for!