Needs Must & Gifts Online Make The Grade

The usual format of racing around a la headless chicken has now been consigned to the ‘has been’ department.  I have had to buckle down and think more seriously about christmas this year.  I am not a fan of this whole mad commercial lunacy and I whinge and moan loudly and constantly.   Gift chioices are necessarily limited in the stores now – the global virus nightmare is still with us and even more of a problem than it appeared in the early spring.  We confidently assumed it would all be over by end of the summer.  Not a bit of it.  So now we are in and out of lockdown and tiered regulations.  This has definitely affected the supply of  certain manufactured goods.   All sorts of companies are finding they can only get some parts fo their main operations.  so this year I have decided to make a really good effort and organise my gifts online and in some kind of order this year!