Online Presence Means Better Presents

Ho ho ho the happy sound of tills ringing.  Well maybe not as ringing as they might be given that it is very near the big day.  I used to be able to do my Christmas shopping around 15th December – there was never any need to even think about it until the month had started.  These days though the commercial pressure is so intense that families are getting themselves geared up in August before the children have kicked the last of the summer holiday sand off their clothes.

Around my area there are houses with lots of coloured lights and model reindeers in the gardens – I used to get irked when the first ones lit up once December had started, but now we have these little displays shining forth from the beginning of October .  getting back to the presents though – I do not labour for long in the shops – it’s become such a big operation for me that I plan who’s having what, and sort by online buying.