Painting Hobby Turns Out A Local Am-Dram Winner

Well I must say that things have gotten a whole lot better on the gifting front for some of my brood of busy teen age grand children.  That annual nightmare – twice a year when you think that each has a birthday as well as Christmas . . . .    I have discovered that each one does have a good, busy hobby.  A couple do very arty things – getting involved with local art groups, another helps at a local theatre am-dram group.  This not only involves much drama in it’s purest form, but there’s the opportunity to get involved with the scenery painting.  Whooh, now that’s a massive undertaking for anyone, let alone a teenager.  But in fact this sort of challenge brings out the very best in them.  I help them with their art supplies for their home hobbies. This in turn fires their get up and go for community based projects – win win all round!