Perfect Toy Selection Required For Toddlers

Now that Christmas is nearly here, I am at the point of wondering what on earth to get a toddler who is almost two.  This lass is very biight and alread knows lots of words and colours.  Mind you, her grandma never picks toys or games that don’t have an educational element to them.  And the toddler’s mummy is a junior school teacher!  Last year I excelled, as the little one was coming up 1 year old, I bought a game that had teapots, cups and saucers and magic cakes – all colour co-ordinated.  If you had a yellow cup, you had to find the yellow saucer, plate and cake to match.  All very good.  This year is going to be a challenge as she has got rather a lot of toys already.   But a good toyshop never fails to come up with the perfect selection.  Toys or games – I’ll find exactly the right choice first time, I know.