Shopping In The Conventional Sense Returns

Whilst restrictions were in force, hardly any shops were open for several weeks – just essential suppliers like supermarkets and pharmacies.  Now though the world of commerce is embracing post lock down operation and many little gift and homeware shops that did manage to survive are begging for customers to flock in, down the high street.  Unfortunately many customers have got used to the ease and convenience of shopping online for everything.  Tis is something that has made many people swap to online for everything.  Small shops may have an uphill battle to win back the footfall – the business of only having one or two folk in a store at once and each in a mask has caused many impulse shoppers to put off their meanderings.  It’s such a shame because after being denied this little pleasure, there is nothing nicer than being able to pop down to a favourite little store for a good old mooch about for the perfect gift and gossip with the storekeeper!