Avoiding The Tacky Valentine Gift Choice

Ahh the month of February and all that entails from a romance and gift buying and gift choices point of view…..   I may be an old cynic but the rise in spending around this time of the year does beggar belief.  I only  hope I don’t have any more aged relatives who pop off this mortal coil any time soon –  at least it’s less likely that florists will get their funeral flower orders mixed up with the dozens of red roses going out to demanding girlfriends.  I feel sorry for chaps in fact – they daren’t do anything that suggests they’re only looking out for a bit of saucy fun, but if they don’t buy endless reminders of it being valentine’s day, they’re going to be in deep water.  Gift buying a any time of year can be a bit of a minefield for he haples boyfriend.  He really has to note throughout the previous weeks of ‘courtship’ what his lady friend definitely shows a liking for and what she doesn’t – in terms of normal every day clothes, food, films, tv, concerts etc.  It shouldn’t be too difficult to register whether she’s a fussy eater or doesn’t eat chocolates . . . .  so that limits the possibility for making bad gift choices!  Some lasses really love the idea of being home makers but for valentines, a really nice piece of kitchen equipment may not ring her bell.  Yet how does a poor bloke know the boundaries when it comes to those ghastly tacky lingerie ads.  They fall for them every time!