Social & Motor Skills Advanced With Good Play Materials

There have been a spate of babies born lately – of course there always are, but not in my immediate family.  I have the joy of seeing a young toddler regularly, watching her progress from the age of 7 days in fact.  This little princess is undoubtedly very bright to start with –  The learning toys I bought at a fab kids emporium have been amazing, a really wide range of abilities bein tested.  I note too that she doesn’t just play with her alphabet bricks, she takes them to show the visitor and actually names each one.  I find this remarkable, that a 15 month old can absorb so much, yet other children take ages to develop motor skills.  This little lass does go to a very good nursery three mornings a week.  There the charges get fed breakfast and lunch and with those come social awareness lessons from birth, absolutely magic!