One Much Loved Gift Eclipses All Others

In our family we have a small gaggle of teens dispursed throughout the country.  Two of the cousins have reached 18 this year and my goodness, how hard they’re taking the virus related curbs to their partying fun and frolics!   No reminders of their incredible gift buying choices for person or home has salved their annoyance!  As usual I sent money, but a one off higher donation to their lifestyle funds.  When I reached 18,  no-one in my social sphere ever held mad parties or balls.  True, family gifts were more exciting than the average birthday – I received a signet ring from my parents – we’d been out some weeks before to choose it.  I startled them by not selecting one of the dainty but frankly cheap looking ladies’ rings, and not thinking of prices, I plumped for a plain but more substantial gent’s style. Being very tall for a female, it felt ‘right’ and I’ve loved that ring so much that no present has ever eclipsed it!  Surely the mark of a truly special 18th birthday present that could suit today’s teens!