Three Lions Shirt Brings Out The London Pride

I have grandchildren in the States, they have never been over to UK and I go over there whenever I can, which is not very often.  However we chat occassonally on skype or facetime.  This is good as their Dad manages to show me the best bits of far away grandchildren but no mess involved.  The children, and in fact the parents too, all have dual nationalities – this was a precautionary measure my son took when they weren’t sure if they wanted to settle in the states or come back and try London again.  It will prove very helpful in future for the children to travel together.   One of the youngsters is shown on a well known social media site wearing his three lions footie shirt very proudly – he doesn’t mind being half british when the team does well in world cups etc.  Espcially as the states side team didn’t go through to qualify.